my name Tomasz Wigłasz, my details:

  • Date of birth: 13.06.1983 – Krosno
  • Place of origin: Peter’s Will
  • Current place of residence: Bridgwater. Great Britain
  • Interests: Mountains, Traveling, Extreme Sports, Football, Cycling, Running and everything for maintaining physical and mental health

I was born and raised in a very beautiful area of the Bieszczady Mountains. There I made the first steps and  also got to know the charms of the mountains. On my way to the UK I managed to get the highest peak of Bieszczady: Tarnica 1344 AMSL and a few smaller.

Every trip must be well planned, organized  and most importantly I always have respect for the mountains. They can not be ignored because in most cases it is tragic. So, as a passion for the mountains I try to reach higher and higher peaks in different countries of Europe and in the world. This is connected with traveling which is my second passion. During my free days off work or holidays I try to climb and travel.

I have my dreams and try to make them happen. I know what I can do and what I can achieve.Sometimes it takes time and I have to do it step by step but at the end I will succed. I am a person who does not like to sit in one place, always like to do something and develop more.

“My friends dont ask „ How are you?” They as „Where are you?”

My travels


List of climbed peaks    ” Memories made in the mountains stay in our hearts forever “


  • Sarnia Skała 1 377m
  • Świnica 2 301m
  • Rysy 2 499m
  • Świnica (szczyt taternicki) 2 291m
  • Tarnica 1 346m


  • Tour Ronde 3 792m
  • Aid. de Toule 3 534m
  • Gran Paradiso 4 061m


  • Mont Blanc du Tacul 4 248m
  • Mont Blanc 4 810m
  • Col du Brevant 2 368m
  • Planpraz 2 000m
  • La Piere Bosson 1 670m
  • Glacier d’ Argentiere 2 338m
  • Le Brevent 2 525m
  • Aiguille Du Midi 3 842m


  • Gerlach 2 655m


  • Pen-Y-Fan Mountain 886m
  • Snowdon 1 085m


  • Tibidabo 510m


  • Scafell Pike 978m


  • Rochers de Naye 2 042m


  • Ben Nevis 1 344m


  • Uhuru Peak Kilimandżaro – 5 895m
  • Stella Point Kilimandżaro – 5 756m

“I prefer to have passport full of stamps than a house full of things”