Polish guide in Bangkok

The right person at the right place. When going to Thailand with friends, we stayed in Bangkok for 2 days, and decided to look for a guide, just so we wouldn’t waste time looking for attractions. We did not expect to find a guide who knows everything about Thailand.

After checking in at the hotel we found that Lukasz is not only a great guide but a great guy too. He showed us various views of Bangkok from culture, through religion, monuments, places where not all tourists have the opportunity to go, Thai cuisine, and many more interesting things.

We became friends and  instead of two days in Bangkok, Lukasz spent with us another day in Phuket. Time together as a group was spectacular and will stay in our memory as well as Lukasz.

So if someone is traveling to Thailand to Bangkok and wants to save time looking for the attractions, transportation – I recommend Lukasz as a guide, fast, efficient and with 100% guarantee on a successful day full of fun. Do not waste your time – just write or call him and book the dates. Lukasz is very responsive to every email so you have a guarantee of a smooth conversation.

Marcin Rutkowski – professional mountaineer, international guide IVBV / UIAGM

In 2015 preparing for my first trip to Mont Blanc I met in Chamonix Marcin. Due to the fact that the first expedition failed for atmospheric reasons I went with my colleague and Marcin for the first joint trip under his supervision: Gran Paradiso in Italy and since then we have been friends.

Marcin as a guide is an exprert in what he does, full of professionalism, perfectly organized. He  knows eveything about Alpine mountains and has very important feature that every person walking in the mountains should have: respect for the them. Marcin is 100% prepared for every trip , knows when to go and when to say stop.

He never risks entering if he sees any danger.  Everything is safe and secure. Since then I have had a few expeditions with Marcin and in the future we will be climbing together again. If anyone wants to pitch higher peaks in a safe and professional form I recommend Proguide Pl.

Mountains and Mountaineering – Aśka Piotrowicz Mountaineering School

In March 2016 I was able to take part in the Course of Highland Tourism according to the program of the Polish Alpine Association in Zakopane at Gąsienicowa Hall where I met the main course instructor Joanna Piotrowicz. The course lasted 4 days. Was very intensive and professionally conducted.

Joanna has very high qualifications in mountain areas. She has taught me a lot in mountain safety issues, about risks with special emphasis on avalanches, information on equipment needed to move in mountains,  rules of assurance, the technique of moving,  basics of navigation in the mountains, rules for moving in the glacial area, authoring, snowmaking and many other issues related to safe movement in the mountains.

If you want to know the climbing secrets of the high mountain then use climbing school of Joanna Piotrowicz – climbing and climbing courses under the guidance of the best instructors – I highly recommend.




Expeditions Adventure in Northern Canada

In 2017 I had the opportunity to go for an adventure with Alligator Lake Aurora Lodges in Canada. The company organizes various types of expeditions such as dog sledging, snow scooters, watching the northern lights, fishing in beautiful Canadian lakes and many other atractions.

We took advantage of a scooter trip. It started from Whitehorse to the border with Alaska by Dawson City (about 600km). The trail ran through rivers, lakes, woods, public roads, beautiful scenic trails, sleeping in wooded cabins or cheap American hostels, beautiful experiences. All on snow scooters for a few days pulling with us plastic canisters with fuel, food and clothing.

If anyone wants to experience an unforgettable adventure in northern Canada then I recommend this company. It is definitely worth doing. The memories and impressions are beyond description.